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Capricorn Group partners with the Ministry of Finance to carry out training on Risk Management

Ministry of Finance Risk Training 1.JPGCapricorn Group partnered with the Ministry of Finance to carry out a two-day Risk Management workshop, facilitated by the Group's Business Risk Officer, Horst Simon, which ran on 2 and 3 March 2020. The workshop, which was attended by 30 Security and Risk Management Services personnel from seven ministries, emanated from a need identified by Government to acquire more knowledge on risk management and governance, as risk management divisions are becoming key in all ministerial offices.

The Ministry of Finance was among the first ministries that established their mandatory risk and security division. They, in turn, reached out to Capricorn Group to assist with carrying out risk training to a total of seven ministerial offices. “It is clear that Capricorn Group has this country at heart, as we can see their eagerness to work together with government to share knowledge to key officials," said Executive Director of the Ministry of Finance, Ericah Shafudah.

Capricorn Group was honoured to be able to work with the Ministry of Finance to share knowledge and practices of identifying potential risks in advance, analysing them and taking precautionary steps to reduce the risk. The Group has, over the years, creating an environment where every employee understands his or her role and obligation in managing risk. Through this influential risk culture, the Group has earned the trust of its customers and shareholders. As a leading financial institution listed on the Namibian Stock Exchange, Capricorn Group believes that credibility is key to value creation.

“We believe that we are part of a bigger, interconnected global system. Our approach to being a responsible, regional and global citizen is built into the DNA of all our businesses. We view this workshop as an opportunity to invest in advancing a better sustainable future for all Namibians," said Horst Simon, Business Risk officer at Capricorn Group.

The workshop aimed to improve the understanding of Risk Management within the different ministries and building capacity to develop effective strategies for the management of risk. The workshop further covered the different standards and frameworks in the field of risk management, including fraud risk and risk culture building.

Capricorn Group believes that survival and success require organisations always to keep their eyes on the future and be willing to learn and adapt. Change is an intricate part of the development and further directs the Group's purpose – to be Connectors of Positive Change. The Group will continue collaborated where possible, to create sustainable opportunities for communities and build towards better societies where they operate.

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