Capricorn Group’s six material matters

The board approved the six material matters that are linked to our principal risks, and board governance oversight accountability is assigned to each.


Our material matters are those factors that have the greatest potential impact on our ability to create and preserve value. These are the issues that most affect our long-term sustainability and the interests of our stakeholders.

Our dynamic external environment influences our risks, opportunities, and stakeholder relationships. We determine our material matters to crystalise those matters that will affect us in the future, both positively or negatively. Having material matters helps focus management's attention, and these are integrated with our strategy and risk management process.

Capricorn Group's Six Material Matters

1. Conducting business in the right way

We are proud of our commitment to high ethical standards and integrity in our dealings with all stakeholders. As a leading business in Namibia, we are committed to improving transparency and governance and promoting general awareness of ethical practices and behaviour.

2. Managing risks effectively

Sound risk management is critical to our long-term sustainability. We consider risk systemically and holistically, focusing on “what must go right” to achieve desired outcomes.

3. Embedding a customer-centric service culture

Customers expect financial services companies to be nimbler and more responsive. They expect a better, more predictive, and seamless experience, including better advice, across every channel. Branches remain important, but their role and emphasis are changing. Consequently, we prioritise our investment in digital channels and remain customer-centric to grow profitably despite difficult conditions.

4. We rely on an effective workforce that can deliver on our strategy and adapt to our changing operating environment and different skills requirements

Creating a skilled, educated and adaptable workforce is the top societal outcome business should help deliver. An adequately and appropriately skilled workforce is a competitive advantage for businesses. Upskilling or reskilling employees create more inclusive and sustainable societies that pull people along and catalyse deeper connections between humanity and the economic marketplace. 

We are committed to investing in talent to provide employees with access to the right opportunities, exposure and development to reach their full potential. This commitment is supported by The Capricorn Way, which aims to unlock potential in individuals and the collective.

5. Ensuring a responsible COVID-19 response

The global pandemic had a devasting impact on both Namibia and Botswana. We remain focused on using our resources, compassion and commitment to social responsibility to support employees, customers and communities.

6. Making a positive impact in society

Capricorn Group is a responsible corporate citizen with a strong sense of accountability to our stakeholders. We are proud of our contributions to a better society aligned with our brand promise to be Connectors of Positive Change.​

Read more about our Material Matters in our 2022 Integrated Annual Report here.