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Capricorn Group guides the nation on a journey towards adapting to the new post COVID 19 era

​​Sam shivute Gys Joubert Nangula Shejavali.JPGCapricorn Group hosted one of their well-known Inspire sessions with the theme “Adapting to the new post-COVID-19 era" on Friday, 26 March 2021, giving a platform to three influential Namibians who inspired audiences during the live-streamed event on Facebook and YouTube.

In line with the current COVID-19 regulations, a small audience was also present at the event. The event aimed to take the audience on an inspirational journey to consider how to restructure, refocus, and possibly re-invent themselves and their companies' during a time when the global COVID-19 pandemic shook the world, causing disruption and uncertainty in many spheres of life and destabilising careers and companies to a great extent.


Capricorn Group invited three influencers in their respective fields, who shared valuable information with the audience and gave more insight into navigating difficult times and adapting to the post-COVID-19 era. These speakers included Gys Joubert (Managing Director of Gondwana Collection Namibia), Nangula Shejavali (co-Founder and Principal Development Consultant at LEADINGEDGE), and Sam Shivute (Namibian motivational speaker, transformational coach, strategic business and leadership consultant, and executive coach).


All three of these noteworthy speakers hinted that adaptation necessitates more than just survival, but that it requires us to move beyond our previous beliefs of how things should be and reach for a higher ideal.


Gys Joubert, who has previously worked in the banking industry and the legal field, explained how he, the leader in one of the most negatively affected industries due to the pandemic, namely the tourism sector, had to reflect and question things to find true purpose. He brought an interesting take on how businesses should now focus more on a higher purpose than controlling this complicated 'new normal' with more structures, restrictions, policies, and other control mechanisms. He suggested that we rid ourselves of a victim mentality, de-structure old ways and focus more on the person as a whole being. During the event, he said, “The only thing that can deal with life as it happens on the ground is free people – human beings who are empowered, confident and safe." He also praised Capricorn Group for their commitment to being Connectors of Positive Change and always aspiring to make a difference. “We can all be Connectors of Positive Change," concluded Joubert.


Female activist, Nangula Shejavali, pointed out that there is nothing ordinary about our 'new normal. Passionate about equality for females, she said, “Although the pandemic impacted everyone, women especially had to deal with the brunt of its impact. Statistics prove that more women than men work in the frontlines, the education sector suffers increased gender-based violence, are more single parents working in the informal sector. The data is troubling; therefore, it is important to create a 'better normal' for everyone." Shejavali also elaborated that a better normal for her means diverse voices, supporting local, and a project called 'Follow her lead,' which showcases what brilliant local women can achieve.


Our local motivational speaker, Sam Shivute, wowed people with his positive attitude. Mr Shivute said everything starts with a 'Why?' He, too, thinks that we should not just adapt to cope. According to him, we must not aspire to adapt to cope and survive but instead win. “Life and business are like a season, and seasons change. You have both darkness and daylight, crises, and prosperity. So, whatever we are experiencing now will not last. This allows us to develop and grow,' said Shivute.


The Inspire event results were evident on social media. Many followers who watched it online responded with positive affirmations and thanks, showing their gratitude and validating the event's impact. Capricorn Group has been shining the light on various topics, enlightening viewers and audiences to think differently about their present and future. 


Marlize Horn, Group Executive: Brand & Corporate Affairs, said, “Here at Capricorn Group, we know that positive change happens when the correct elements are brought together to create a positive connection. It is simply part of who we are. That is why we are connecting you with the right movers and shakers, who can shed more light on various topics to help you connect with your positive change." The Group looks forward to bringing more exciting and helpful 'Inspire' events that will add value to everyone's lives.

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