Capricorn Group and NamRA partnership promotes sound risk management practices

Members of NamRA’s Enterprise Risk Management Committee and Senior Managers getting ready for the workshop session
Capricorn Group's Business Risk Officer, Horst Simon, facilitating the workshop.jpg​​Capricorn Group partnered with the Namibia Revenue Agency (NamRA) to carry out a Risk Management Workshop with members of NamRA's Enterprise Risk Management Committee and Senior Managers.

Capricorn Group's Business Risk Officer, Horst Simon, facilitated the workshop on Thursday, 15 February 2024, focused on building an effective risk culture within NamRA. Horst previously delivered training workshops to various Government entities in Namibia as part of the Connectors of Positive Change initiative by Capricorn Group; these included the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, Namibia Standards Institute and Namibia Institute of Pathology.

NamRA recently established an internal Management Risk Department and engaged Capricorn Group to support carrying out this risk training as guidance to NamRA's first Enterprise Risk Management Committee Meeting. Commissioner Sam SHIVUTE, as Chairperson of the Enterprise Risk Management Committee, expressed the Agency's appreciation for Capricorn Group's initiative and the contribution made to NamRA through this introductory training session as a foundation for risk management in NamRA.

Capricorn Group was honoured to be able to work with NamRA to share knowledge and best practices for identifying potential risks in advance, analysing them, and taking precautionary steps to manage risk effectively. Over the years, the Group has created an environment where employees understand their role and obligation in managing risk. Through this effective risk culture, the Group has earned the trust of its customers and shareholders. As a leading financial institution listed on the Namibian Stock Exchange, Capricorn Group believes that good corporate governance leads to credibility, which is key to value creation for its stakeholders.

"At Capricorn Group, we believe we are part of a bigger, interconnected global system. Our approach to being a responsible, regional, and global citizen is built into the DNA of all our businesses. We view this workshop as an opportunity to invest in advancing a better sustainable future for all Namibians," said Horst Simon, Business Risk officer at Capricorn Group.

The Group will continue with collaborations to add value, create sustainable opportunities for communities and build towards better societies where they operate. ​

Members of NamRA’s Enterprise Risk Management Committee and Senior Managers getting ready for the workshop session.jpg


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