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Capricorn Group and Bank Windhoek show appreciation to business partners

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On Wednesday, 20 November 2019, Capricorn Group and Bank Windhoek held a special breakfast for business partners and suppliers at the Am Weinberg Hotel, to engage with them as respected partners and stakeholders who contribute to the Group's success.

Capricorn Group Executive: Brand & Corporate Affairs, Marlize Horn addressed the business partners and stakeholders, expressing genuine appreciation for their support during the past year when she said, “We are extremely grateful for your contribution and support to Capricorn Group and its subsidiary brands. The cordial way in which you deal with us and your commitment to service in sometimes stressful situations has not gone unnoticed."

Attendees received a high-level overview of Capricorn Group's operations, providing necessary information to suppliers to aid them in their future service to the Group and its subsidiaries.

In 2018 Capricorn Group introduced a Suppliers Code of Conduct, which provides guidelines on how suppliers are to conduct business and deal with the Capricorn Group or its subsidiaries. Both Capricorn Group and Bank Windhoek had built a reputation for being good corporate citizens and stressed that the Code applies to all organisations who supply goods and services to the Group, including their representatives, employees and third parties sub-contracted by the supplier to conduct business and deal with the Group.  The Group encouraged suppliers to comply with Capricorn Group's supplier Code, and raised the expectations for suppliers to conduct business ethically, act with integrity and be trustworthy by not practising or tolerating any form of bribery, corruption, fraud, extortion or embezzlement, eliminating any possible ambiguities related to processes.

“ Ladies and Gentleman, we value your business and would, therefore, like to join hands with you so that together, we can set an example of responsible businesses working and building towards a sustainable future, “ said Marlize Horn.

Jacques Joubert from Bank Windhoek's Finance and Procurement Department shared elements of the Group's procurement processes and policy, as well as their Code of Conduct for Suppliers. Mr Joubert expanded on why supplier engagement is vital to the Bank and the requirements that are being placed on the Group from an operational, compliance and ethics perspective.

“The Group is trying to limit the active supplier base and rather enter into value-add contacts with vendors who will benefit both parties – this makes it more than ever important to maintain strong buyer/supplier relationships," said Joubert.

Capricorn Group confirmed their support towards local businesses as far as possible and stated that preference will be given to suppliers that support the protection of human rights and the inclusion of diverse sourcing criteria, which include minority and women-owned businesses and promote diverse employment practices. The Group also alluded to their responsibility towards the environment and their stance on the sustainability of both business and the health of the communities where they operate. Being Connectors of Positive Change, they ,therefore, expect their suppliers to uphold the same belief concerning the use of resources like water and electricity in an efficient manner.

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