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Capricorn Group Inspires the Youth with Tech Talk

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Capricorn Group advocates future forward-thinking, which is essential in the ever-changing, disruptive economic environment that the world face today. The Group hosted a tech talk event under the genre “The Exciting World of Technology" on Friday, 21 February 2020 to over 150 local students from various secondary schools and tertiary institutions. 

Capricorn Group has become synonymous with these inspiring events and had featured well-known celebrities in the past, rousing conversations with mind-shifting potential. This was the sixth “Inspire" event that Capricorn Group has presented since 2018.

The Group utilised two of their own digital and innovation gurus, who opened new exciting dimensions to the students, giving them different perspectives on career choices for a future that requires endeavours characterised by the emerging world of machine learning, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, prototyping, coding and more.

The two visionaries who address the crowd both holds an impressive skillset and brought just the right mix to fuel the already digital-savvy youth in believing that their ideas for a future Namibia are not too farfetched. Norbert Kreft, a passionate and skilled Digital Specialist in transitional telecommunications and the ICT industries showed the youth that out of the box thinking creates strategic advantages in new technologies, and his colleague Rikus Grobler, an accomplished innovation strategist with experience in business operations, new product development, digital project management and innovation consulting, stirred the idea of innovation strategies and creative business solutions in careers.  

Capricorn Group holds fast to the belief that the willingness to learn and adaptation is key to survival and success in the future economic world. That is why the Group is giving back to communities by supporting education, through building into the lives of all Namibian students and providing an opportunity for them to remain relevant in a highly competitive market. The Group has expanded the last few years significantly, growing regionally and diversifying strategies to support their monolithic brand.  Marlize Horn, Group Executive: Brand & Corporate Affairs, said at the event “Change is an intricate part of who we are and directs our purpose – to be Connectors of Positive Change, creating sustainable opportunities for our communities and building towards better societies where we operate. We believe in it so much that is part of our brand purpose and every single initiative we take is in mind of this."

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