Capricorn Group Changemakers Rally Behind Side by Side Early Intervention Centre


On Friday, 17 May 2024, over 30 Capricorn employees, known as Changemakers, dedicated a day to supporting the Side by Side Early Intervention Centre, located in the Goreangab community. The centre provides early childhood development services to children with special needs.

The Changemakers' efforts included refurbishing shelves, installing bag hooks, assembling self-care packets, serving meals, planting pot flowers and fostering creative interaction with the children. This initiative builds upon previous endeavours by the Changemakers, including the construction of a wheelchair ramp and the establishment of a sensory garden in 2022, that has been used to assist children with sensory integration issues to improve cognitive abilities.​

The outreach was a testament to the collective spirit of the employees from Capricorn Group and its subsidiaries, Capricorn Asset Management and Bank Windhoek, working together to demonstrate their commitment to fostering positive change.

Marlize Horn, the Executive of Brand & Corporate Affairs at Capricorn Group, emphasised the significance of the Group's contribution, stating, "Inclusivity is paramount to ensuring quality education, and we take pride in supporting the centre to create a more conducive space for all learners."

Reflecting on the impact of the Changemakers' efforts, Michelle Zeelie, a Social Worker at the Side by Side Early Intervention Centre, expressed her gratitude, remarking, "It touched my heart to witness such genuine care and dedication from Capricorn Group employees. We are very thankful for their invaluable assistance."

Michelle also guided employees on how to effectively engage with differently abled children, encouraging them to put the child first and not the disability, use more straightforward language, and be enthusiastic and upbeat when engaging.

As a committed Connector of Positive Change, Capricorn Group remains steadfast in its pledge to give back to the community through various initiatives. The Group's steadfast support for inclusive education and literacy is demonstrated through its ongoing assistance to educational institutions like the Side by Side Early Intervention Centre.


The Side by Side Early Intervention Centre is a registered non-profit organisation, providing early childhood development opportunities to children with special needs with a particular focus on training parents, communities, and caregivers to provide their children with the support they need at home. Due to the national lack of focus on Early Intervention and pre-primary education for children with disabilities, Side by Side has stepped in to provide this much-needed support. Unfortunately, lack of financial and in-kind support means that meeting the ever-growing need for intervention for children with disabilities in Namibian communities is extremely challenging. 

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