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Capricorn Foundation partners with Women at Work to support youth development

IMG_7689.jpgOn Friday, 24 June 2022, the Capricorn Foundation announced a donation of N$350 000 to the Women at Work Training Centre in Windhoek. The donation will go towards training young women and men with basic skills courses.

The Women at Work Training Centre aims to be a bridge for Namibian youth. It primarily caters to those who have not completed their schooling, are unemployed and underemployed by empowering and giving them the necessary basic skills within the hospitality and cleaning industries. The objective is to help them improve their living standards and education. Courses offered through the centre include cooking, baking, cleaning, dressmaking, au pair, and life skills.

“It would be difficult to operate without the support of organisations such as the Capricorn Foundation. They enable us to continue running with our mandate. To date, we have trained 1035 people in the hospitality course and 726 people in other courses such as dressmaking and patternmaking," said Women at Work's General Manager, Pat Sivertsen.

Capricorn Foundation's Executive Officer, Marlize Horn, said economic advancement, focused on entrepreneurial skills development, education and training, is one of the Foundation's primary focus areas. “It is therefore fundamental for the Foundation to support skills development initiatives, such as that offered by the Women at Work Training Centre. We believe this will empower our youth with skills that can assists them in navigating these challenging times due to lack of job opportunities and a tough economic outlook," she added.  

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