Capricorn Foundation donates N$517,000.00 to One Economy Foundation towards Project BeFree Youth Campus

On Friday, 1 September 2023, the Capricorn Foundation affirmed its support of the One Economy #BeFree Project at the opening of the #BeFree Youth Campus in Katutura. The Capricorn Foundation committed N$517,000.00 towards the #BeFree Youth Campus' training facility, bringing the total contribution to the Campus to just over N$1 million, with the first handover in October last year of N$500,000.00 for the construction of the Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Training Centre.

The Youth Campus aims to create a one-stop solution for youth between the ages of 13 and 30 to receive integrated multidisciplinary services that offer a holistic approach to youth health. The campus will cater to young people's physical and psychological well-being, providing medical services, counselling, and support for life skills. The training facility and STEM centre that the Capricorn Foundation has contributed to include online learning and after-school tutoring with access to educational resources, I.T. facilities, a soup kitchen, an outdoor gym, and the STEM centre will provide support in STEM subjects, coding classes, a library and free Wi-Fi.

At the event, Marlize Horn, Executive Officer at the Capricorn Foundation, said, “As Connectors of Positive Change, we believe that it is pivotal to address social inequalities that threaten youth development, and we do this via two of our focus areas, education and training and entrepreneurial skills development; both which the #BeFree Youth Centre aims to achieve through their different activities. We are therefore proud of our partnership with the One Economy Foundation and that we can be part of this new beginning and season with the Namibian youth as they find their purpose in this safe space".

"It is important that we invest in young people, and this is why the #BeFree Youth Campus has been established and empowered by the youth, to create a safe space where they can unlock their full potential, express themselves, receive multidisciplinary services and address taboo topics", said the First Lady of Namibia, Monica Geingos.​


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