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Capricorn Foundation and the Lithon Foundation hosts an NGO Capacity Building Workshop

Some of the speakersOn Friday, 3 November 2023, the Capricorn Foundation and the Lithon Foundation joined forces to host a significant event: the NGO Capacity Building Workshop in Namibia. Themed "Strengthening the Management of NGOs to Foster Socio-economic Developed Communities in Namibia," the workshop was well attended, reflecting the collective sentiment for enhancing the capabilities of Non-profit organisations (NPOs).

The workshop served as a platform for knowledge exchange, empowering NPOs to manage their organisations effectively and navigate the donor landscape, both locally and internationally. The Capricorn Foundation and the Lithon Foundation are known for their Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiatives and have consistently contributed to the upliftment of Namibian communities. Their partnership with NPOs, including non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and social welfare entities, emphasises their belief in the critical role played by these organisations in fostering Namibia's socio-economic development.

At the event, Marlize Horn, Executive Officer of the Capricorn Foundation, said, "We applaud NPOs and NGOs for the critical role you play in society. The Capricorn Foundation is committed to being Connectors of Positive Change. Therefore, workshops like this have become our priority, where we can support other NGOs by exchanging knowledge and empowering you to navigate this landscape."

NPOs hold great significance by collaborating with the government and other entities to address various community needs, varying from climate-related challenges to malnutrition, unemployment, and other pressing issues. These organisations operate on the front lines, actively engaging with communities, providing technical expertise, continuous research, and identifying sustainable models tailored to evolving community needs.

"As organisations, we recognise the critical role NPOs play and consider them essential partners which enable us to implement initiatives and programs that effectively address the diverse needs of communities. Resources are scarce, but if we start taking hands, we will have a bigger impact," said Marsia Reed, CEO of the Lithon Foundation.

The workshop highlighted vital topics, including financial management, compliance requirements, branding and marketing strategies for NGOs, understanding funding streams, nurturing positive working environments, and improving communication skills. The discussions emphasised the strategic and purposeful nature of the partnership between corporations and NPOs, working together towards shared objectives and aspiring to create sustainable communities. A workshop recording will be available on the Capricorn Group's YouTube page and the Capricorn Foundation's Facebook page from 13 November 2023, should any NPOs or NGOs want to revisit the discussions.

"As a representative of NPOs in Namibia, I want to thank the Capricorn Foundation and the Lithon Foundation for this essential workshop. NPOs primarily focus on community service rather than profit-making, often adopting versatile roles to fulfil objectives. This adaptability has become a norm within our organisations, enabling us to effectively serve communities while aligning with the nation's developmental goals. The skills and advice gained here today will assist us to continue to make significant strides, and we look forward to implementing these great tips shared with us. We greatly appreciate the collaborative efforts between NPOs and corporate organisations working hand in hand to create sustainable and thriving communities in Namibia," said Viola Dimulunde, trainer at Women at Work. 

Bank Windhoek team presenting Financial Management Tips and Reporting
Bank Windhoek team presenting Financial Management Tips and Reporting

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