Capricorn Foundation donates 1200 Portable Solar Lamps for Social Well-Being and Positive Impact

Greenville solar light handover

Having access to electricity and lamps to study at night is a luxury, not many learners have. Recent surveys conducted by Greenville Solars have revealed that learners and their families in the informal settlements turn to alternatives, such as using candles, torches, and cellphone lights, to substitute electric lights for studying at night. These alternatives can limit learners from studying at night and, in some cases, can cause fire incidents.

In response to the need for access to light at night, the Capricorn Foundation partnered with Greenville Solars: Edu-Light Project and, on Thursday, 7 September 2023, handed over solar lamps to 317 learners of Havana High School. The school is the first of ten recipient schools receiving 1200 lights donated by the Capricorn Foundation, valued at N$294,000.00.

The other schools that will benefit from this initiative are:

  • 222 learners from three schools in Omaruru:  S.I. Gobs High School, Paahe Primary School and Ubasen Primary School.
  • 243 learners from three schools in Usakos Secondary School, Elifas Goseb Primary School, E.P.S. Primary School
  • 204 learners from two schools outside Opowu:  Oshisoko Mobile Unit and Otjamaungu Mobile Unit.
  • 214 learners from Okankororosa Combined School in Okongo Circuit, Ohangwena Region.

The Capricorn Foundation first partnered with Greenville Solars: EduLight Project in August 2022 to donate solar-powered lamps to vulnerable learners identified in schools in northern Namibia who do not have access to electricity at home.

“The Capricorn Foundation is proud to continue its partnership with Greenville Solars on this initiative as it is not only the learners who directly benefit but the entire household, which often has several siblings and other family members living in one shack. We are grateful that we can make a positive change in the lives of these learners and their families," said Marlize Horn, Executive Officer of the Capricorn Foundation.

The Edu-Light Project is an initiative powered by Greenville Solars, a social enterprise catering to low-income households. Through the Edu-Light Project, Greenville Solars aims to provide solar lights to students living in informal settlements and rural areas without electricity access. The project surveys schools to assess the need, identify learners from informal settlements (shacks) with no electricity, and provide them with solar-powered lamps to help them study at night longer in a healthier, safer, and brighter environment, thereby improving their school performance.

“We thank the Capricorn Foundation for partnering with us on this project. We are happy that together we can make a difference", remarked Kleopas Johannes, Greenville Solars Managing Director.​


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