The Capricorn Foundation is advancing access to quality education with LearnOnOne

Handover to LearnOnOne
Handover to LearnOnOneThe Capricorn Foundation has reaffirmed its commitment to the LearnOnOne Initiative by committing funding in the amount of N$200,000 for 2024. The partnership with LearnOnOne will supplement the Foundation's support to education, a primary focus area of the Capricorn Foundation.  

LearnOnOne is an innovative educational initiative that strives to close the digital gap by offering supplementary education through broadcast television. The initiative ensures that Namibian learners from diverse backgrounds can access vital after-school lessons and resources. This collaboration extends the reach of television as a medium to make quality education accessible to every child in Namibia. The initiative offers secondary school materials and AS levels, as well as ECD and primary school lessons, to be aired on One Africa Television and made available on the LearnOnOne website. ​

The reach of LearnOnOne through television, videos, streaming, and social media has reached 5902791 viewers for the period January – March 2024.

Marlize Horn, the Executive Officer of Capricorn Foundation, highlighted the significance of education as a long-term investment. "As a responsible corporate citizen and a Connector of Positive Change, the Capricorn Foundation remains committed to investing in education. We believe collaboration is a defining concept for creating impact within communities, and the LearnOnOne initiative can push education in Namibia future-forward".

"This generous sponsorship from the Capricorn Foundation is a game-changer. It allows us to continue breaking down barriers, equipping Namibian learners with the essential knowledge and skills to thrive," said Stephan Hugo, Co-Founder of LearnOnOne.

According to the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture's Fifteenth School Day Report for 2023, there are 864,707 school learners in Namibia, including both boys and girls from all regions and grades. Despite the challenges faced by these learners, LearnOnOne has committed to supporting government and private sector initiatives to provide additional educational assistance to Namibian learners.

About LearnOnOne:

LearnOnOne is an educational platform endorsed by the Ministry of Education, Arts, and Culture. Its vision is to provide additional classes to learners and non-school content to help children develop the 21st-century skills required to succeed in the increasingly competitive job market. The LearnOnOne Project also organises school activations to create awareness about the lessons offered on TV.

About Capricorn Foundation:

The Capricorn Foundation is a non-profit association incorporated under Section 21 of Namibia's Company Act and a registered Welfare Organisation (WO499). It is funded by Capricorn Group's Namibian subsidiaries, Bank Windhoek, Capricorn Asset Management and Entrepo, and is the main driver of the Group's Corporate Social Responsibility. Capricorn Foundation is dedicated to positively impacting communities across Namibia, focusing on education, healthcare, and social welfare initiatives.


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