Capricorn Foundation pledges N$1 million towards building a desert-based economy in Maltahöhe district

Rural Revive
Rural ReviveOn Friday, 15 March 2024, the Capricorn Foundation and Wolwedans Foundation officially launched a unique partnership in Maltahöhe. The Capricorn Foundation has pledged N$1 million towards the Wolwedans Foundation's flagship initiative, RuralRevive: Building a Desert-based Economy, showcasing its dedication to economic advancement, sustainable development and the empowerment of the Maltahöhe community.

Capricorn Foundation's generous contribution will go towards the establishment and enhancement of six work packages, including Horticulture Capacity Building (Skills Transfer), which includes setting up five small holding farmers for organic vegetable production; establishing a fresh produce distribution hub called The Barn Trading post, with a customised app; a guaranteed market price stimulus to buy produce from the small holding farmers and community; an integrated waste management and recycling facility with the goal to create livelihood opportunities; and the EconoMix – 'Business Basics' skills transfer programme which will serve as the backbone to entrepreneurial empowerment across all RuralRevive business development projects.​

The RuralRevive initiative aims to build a sustainable model to strengthen the socio-ecological and economic aspects of rural communities by implementing a more inclusive, integrated, and resilient economic diversification concept through the empowerment of economically marginalised women, smallholder farmers and entrepreneurs in the communities of the Maltahöhe district of Namibia.

The initiative fundamentally anchors in the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), SDG 4 (Quality Education) and SDG 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth) and aligns with the Capricorn Foundation's vision and commitment to addressing systemic issues such as poverty, food insecurity, unemployment and education.

"We are thrilled to partner with the Wolwedans Foundation on this transformative initiative and holistic approach to build a desert-based economy in the Maltahöhe district that has already recorded positive results since the initiative was started two years ago," said Marlize Horn, Executive Officer of the Capricorn Foundation. "By combining our resources and expertise with that of the Wolwedans Foundation, we can make a meaningful difference, contribute to positive change in the lives of rural communities, and contribute to Namibia's overall socio-economic development. The challenges faced by rural communities are great, but with the RuralRevive initiative, we are giving the communities of the Maltahöhe hope for the future and hopefully inspire other communities to implement similar initiatives to stimulate their local economy."

The partnership between the Capricorn Foundation and the Wolwedans Foundation underscores their shared commitment to sustainable development and community-driven solutions. Together, they will work closely with local stakeholders, government agencies, and community leaders to implement impactful projects that address the unique needs of rural communities.

With an unwavering belief in the power of collaboration and collective action, Stephan Brückner, Chairman of the Wolwedans Foundation, shares their vision. "Through the Rural Revive initiative, we aim to empower the Maltahöhe rural communities and promote inclusive growth, thereby creating a lasting impact that will echo through future generations. We extend our gratitude and appreciation to the Capricorn Foundation for being the first Namibian corporate company NGO to partner with us on this initiative."

The launch of the Rural Revive initiative marks the beginning of an exciting journey towards building a resilient desert-based economy and thriving rural communities in Namibia. The Capricorn Foundation and the Wolwedans Foundation invite stakeholders, partners, and supporters to join them in this critical endeavour and contribute to advancing rural development in the country.

Other partners of the RuralRevive initiative include the Social Security Commission Development Fund and the Julius Baer Foundation (Swiss). For more information about the RuralRevive initiative, please contact Reinhold Mangundu at

The Capricorn Foundation is a non-profit association incorporated under Section 21 of Namibia's Company Act and a registered Welfare Organisation (WO499). It is funded by Capricorn Group's Namibian subsidiaries, Bank Windhoek, Capricorn Asset Management and Entrepo, and is the main driver of the Group's Corporate Social Responsibility.


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