Capricorn Foundation invests in Vulnerability Initiatives addressing national priorities

Vehicle handover at Imago Dei
18% of Namibia's population lives below the poverty line, and almost a quarter of children in Namibia have stunted growth due to malnutrition. The Capricorn Foundation, funded by Capricorn Group's subsidiaries Bank Windhoek​, Capricorn Asset Management and Entrepo​, dedicated almost N$1,5 million in the last three months to Vulnerability Initiatives, combating poverty and malnutrition in Namibia.​

Centre for Strategic Community Innovation: The Centre for Strategic Community Innovation is a voluntary association within the Okakarara Constituency. The association aims to set up an Agroecology Centre where unemployed youth, small garden holders and the surrounding communities can access information on agroecology farming and business skills training to uplift themselves and alleviate poverty. The Capricorn Foundation committed N$40,000 to purchase garden tools and hybrid seeds.  

Response Action-Based Organisation (RABO): RABO was born out of the need within the community of Windhoek and its surrounding areas to provide speedy and effective intervention when incidences of domestic violence, suicidal cases and child abuse/neglect occur by acting as a first responder service, to support with first aid and transporting the victims to hospitals, police stations or the nearest social worker for further handling of the cases. The project also runs two soup kitchens in Havana and Okahandja Park. The Capricorn Foundation reaffirmed its commitment to RABO by donating N$300,000 towards food supplies, fuel, and other project-related costs. The Foundation's first support for the project was in 2022, when it donated a vehicle to the project.

HappyLand Kindergarten and Safe Haven: The Foundation pledged N$50,000 towards food support for the well-being of 31 vulnerable children living at the orphanage in Henties Bay. HappyLand Kindergarten and Safe Haven was established in 2005 as a sanctuary providing housing, nutrition, and education to disadvantaged children aged one month to 18 years.

Hope Village: The Foundation allocated N$187,000 for renovating the Hope Village baby house, which accommodates 14 infants, ensuring that it meets the Ministry of Health and Social Services standards. Hope Village, a registered Charitable Trust (T347/05) and Welfare Organisation (WO270) has been operating since March 2008, providing a home for 80 vulnerable children. Governed by a board of trustees, the nonprofit organisation fulfils these children's physiological and psychological needs, preparing them for adulthood and helping them become socially responsible.

The Foundation partnered with the Nutrition and Food Security Alliance of Namibia (NAFSAN) on two initiatives to advance food security and nutrition and address malnutrition. A total of N$511,000 was allocated to the project:

Nutrition for Health Project: Supporting a participatory training approach for better nutrition. This initiative, titled "Nutrition for Health – Embracing our Namibian Food Systems," includes a comprehensive training manual and materials to cover 60 community-based trainings, with support from various partners, including the Capricorn Foundation.

Malnutrition Support in Omaheke Region: Aiming to save 300 severely malnourished children in the Omaheke region through treatment and follow-up support, utilising a combination of Ready-To-Use-Therapeutic-Food (RUTF) and nutrient-rich High Protein Meals.

Imago Dei is an implementing partner of the Capricorn Foundation and manages over 15 projects targeting vulnerable communities. The Foundation committed N$400,000 to Imago Dei to acquire a new vehicle, a 4x2 Isuzu D-Max, to reach beneficiaries in communities and informal settlements in the outskirts of Windhoek and other regions, addressing basic needs, education and training, job creation and psychosocial intervention. Imago Dei is an implementation partner of the Foundation.

"As a Connector of Positive Change, the Capricorn Foundation is proud of its track record since it was launched in 2020 to bring about positive change through a portfolio of more than 40 projects and programmes across Namibia that continue to benefit from the Foundation's support. Our support to Vulnerability Initiatives addresses the basic needs of vulnerable groups, focusing on children (hunger and poverty) and gender-based violence victim counselling," said Marlize Horn, Executive Officer of the Capricorn Foundation.


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