Capricorn Foundation under Economic Advancement commits over N$600,000 towards training programmes

Women at Work
Women at WorkNamibia is listed among the countries with the highest unemployment rates. Therefore, the Capricorn Foundation recognises its responsibility to support organisations committed to creating job opportunities that contribute to economic growth and address social problems caused by unemployment.

The Capricorn Foundation, under one of its key focus areas of Economic Advancement, has reaffirmed its commitment to Women at Work and MSR by committing just over N$600,000 towards training programmes to create employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Women at Work: The Women at Work project aims to support and empower individuals by providing them with the necessary skills to thrive in the workplace. In Namibia, where many young people lack formal education qualifications, the project offers training opportunities in various areas such as dressmaking, pattern design, hospitality, cooking, and baking. Upon completion of the courses, students receive certificates that can help them secure employment. Apart from technical training, the program also equips students with financial, communication, and life skills. The Capricorn Foundation has committed N$275,000 towards Women at Work, making it possible to further its mission.

MSR (Men on the Side of the Road): MSR is a comprehensive program that provides training and employment opportunities for the unemployed in Namibia, including men sitting on the side of the road and out-of-school youth and women. The programme aims to help its registered members gain employment by offering vocational training programmes, and it partners with businesses and organisations to facilitate job placements. This project mainly focuses on youth, unskilled workers, and vulnerable communities who may not have many employment opportunities. MSR is also committed to securing funds for its operational costs and developing a sustainable funding model to ensure the organisation's sustainability. Furthermore, the program aims to encourage community participation and raise awareness about the importance of having a job. The Capricorn Foundation has committed N$326,150 to MSR to support its training programs.

Richard Kativa, a volunteer at MSR in Swakopmund, became an MSR member in 2021; he said, "MSR has helped me improve my computer skills, supported me with opportunities to apply for jobs and to register my business following an entrepreneurship training that MSR and Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture facilitated. I am happy that I can assist new MSR members today and share the knowledge I have gained."

"These projects are not just about numbers but about real people and their lives. As a Connector of Positive Change, the Capricorn Foundation is proud to be part of initiatives that help the unemployed individuals find jobs, become self-employed and contribute to the economic growth of Namibia," said Marlize Horn, Executive Officer of the Capricorn Foundation.

The Capricorn Foundation is a non-profit association incorporated under Section 21 of Namibia's Company Act and a registered Welfare Organisation (WO499). It is funded by Capricorn Group's Namibian subsidiaries, Bank Windhoek, Capricorn Asset Management and Entrepo, and is the main driver of the Group's Corporate Social Responsibility.​

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