Capricorn Group’s investment case

Why invest in Capricorn Group?

As the leading Namibian-owned financial services group listed on the Namibian Stock Exchange (NSX), Capricorn Group is uniquely positioned to take advantage of future growth opportunities in the southern African region and to invest in businesses that complement our current portfolio.

Our regional advantage

Our diversified portfolio advantage

With operations in Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and South Africa, Capricorn Group has a regionally diversified revenue stream that provides attractive and sustainable returns for shareholders. The group’s diversified regional presence reduces concentration risk and provides a pool of regional skills and expertise to share.

Capricorn Group has a steady record of new product and service launches, and continues to explore opportunities for growth in new sectors beyond our interests in banking, asset management, insurance and finance. In 2018 the group invested in Nimbus, a telecommunication and technology investment company listed on the NSX. This positions the group well to benefit from the convergence between telecommunications and financial services combined with strong growth in demand for data services.​

The group delivered operating profit growth of 26% in 2019, and a compound annual dividend growth rate of 8.4% over the past five years.

Our key focus remains the customer and the needs of the customer. Therefore, we are investing in digital offerings and channels that will empower our customers without losing the personal touch and customer intimacy we are known for. We anticipate the rise of smaller, value-adding entities that are digitally enabled and technology driven, with quick and fast business processes to satisfy client needs. By applying an Agile methodology to our platform strategies, we ensure that the group is well positioned for this future. We continue to scan the environment to stay abreast of the latest technology and business models to seize leapfrog opportunities towards augmenting our existing business and help transform it digitally.​

A combination of strengths

We believe that through our vision of being the most trusted and inspiring Connector of Positive Change through a highly relevant, convenient and responsive omni-channel network, we will be a catalyst of sustainable opportunities for all our stakeholders.​​